Homestay Accommodation

Students aged under 18 years must live with either families approved by their parents or caregivers, or in a RELA homestay.


Students stay in homes with local families. Homestay accommodation has these features:

  • Families are carefully chosen. Many families have been associated with RELA for a long time. The approval process involves police clearance of all adults over the age of 18 living at the homestay.
  • Students learn more English when they take part in family activities and visits and can practise their English in everyday situations.
  • Students are provided with breakfast and dinner every day and all meals on Saturdays and Sundays. They provide their own lunch from Monday to Friday.
  • Most homestay accommodation is within 10-15 minutes’ drive of RELA. Some homestays are closer, within walking distance.
  • No more than two students are usually placed in any homestay. Students are not usually placed with another from the same country.
  • Our homestay team is available to deal with homestay issues.
  • The Homestay Section on the Enrolment form allows students to request what sort of homestay accommodation they would like to be placed in. We do our best to meet all requirements, but cannot guarantee to do so, especially for late applications.
  • Homestay fees are $290 per week in 2023/2024 if you are 18 or older, and $320 per week if you are under 18, including ongoing supervision and liaison. There is also a homestay arrangement fee of $250 upon booking.


There are a lot of other accommodation options in Rotorua, please contact the school for more information about these.


Living in a Homestay – English
Living in a homestay-Simpified Chinese
Living in a Homestay -Japanese
Living in a Homestay – Arabic
Living in a Homestay – French