English with Activities

Our English with Activities programme is for people wanting to see more of Rotorua, try new experiences and learn English at the same time. It is an ideal holiday! You will have classes in the morning, with our friendly teachers and then you can enjoy trying new things and seeing some of Rotorua’s great sights and thermal activity in the afternoons.

This is a very popular programme, and is good for people who only have a short amount of time to spend in Rotorua.

Here are some of the activities you can experience while studying on our English with Activities Programme:

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Activity Programme Dates

06 June – 11 August
08 January – 09 February
01 July – 09 August 
If you wish to come at a different time for Activities, please contact the school.


Xtreme Air Trampoline Arena has been a huge hit with our students since it opened. Here students can flip to their heart is content in the adult arena. There is also a “Battle Beam”, tricking platform, wall tramps and  jump basketball hoops.

More information can be found online at https://www.motionentertainment.co.nz/have-fun/xtreme-air-indoor-tramp-park/

The Swoop

The Swoop  consists of a specially designed hang gliding harness which you are cocooned inside. Up to three people can participate in a Swoop at one time. You pull the ripcord and are winched 40 meters sky high above the Ngongotaha Stream. This is a fantastic activity for all RELA adrenaline junkies and one of our most popular afternoons on the English with Activities programme. For more information see https://velocityvalley.co.nz/adventure-activity-rides/swoop/

AMAZEme – Hedge Maze

AMAZEme Hedge Maze is 1.4km of winding hedge-lined pathways designed to challenge any visitor. There are small animals to pet, a bird avery and butterfly house. Everyone can enjoy Mr McGregor’s Garden (named after the garden in Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit books), which features raised garden beds full of fruit, berries and vegetables in season. Some of these will be available for purchase. For more information see http://www.amazeme.co.nz/

Agrodome Farm Tour And Sheep Show

This is where you will get a hands-on experience with exciting close encounters.  Lots of fun-filled action on 130 hectares of prime farmland.  Stop for a honey-tasting and visit the kiwifruit orchard for a kiwifruit wine tasting. Hand-feed red and fallow deer, sheep, emus, ostrich, cattle and alpacas. Afterward we take students in to see the Agrodome’s sheep show. This show gives you information about farms, how they are run, the different animals on the farm, milking, shearing sheep and lots more! For more information check out http://www.agrodome.co.nz/


The agrojet explodes into action and a few seconds later you are racing at high speed towards the bank. When you think it’s too late, your driver executes what seems an impossible right turn. This is a really exciting, adrenalin pumping activity. It is very popular with our younger students on our English with Activities Course. For more information check out https://velocityvalley.co.nz/adventure-activity-rides/agrojet/


Students split into two teams and work to eliminate their opponents by hitting them with capsules containing non toxic paint. Students try to avoid being hit by hiding behind walls and other strategically placed obstacles. This activity is hugely popular with our students and is highly entertaining to both watch and play.

Laser tag

With Laser Tag technology you can enjoy Paintball style fun without the mess, pain and bruising that paintball can often cause.

With 50+ game styles to choose from this is awesome fun for all! https://www.motionentertainment.co.nz/have-fun/laser-tag/

3D Trick Art and Buffet Lunch

After a delicious buffet lunch, enjoy photographing yourself as an All Black, stopping a speeding train, or put yourself in famous works of art. At the 3D Trick Art Gallery there are over 50 pieces of life-size and hyper-realistic murals to become part of. For more information http://www.3dtrickart.co.nz/

Buried Village

Here, you will take an emotional journey through the museum and excavated village which tells the fascinating story of the Te Wairoa Village, the voyages to the Pink and White Terraces and the eruption of Mount Tarawera.Afterwards you can take a walk down to the magnificent Te Wairoa Falls. For more information check out http://www.buriedvillage.co.nz/

Relaxing Walks

Rotorua is a city full of great opportunities to take beautiful walks.We often take students out to see some of Rotorua’s natural beauty, whether it be a walk around one of the lakes, in the Redwood forest, or perhaps somewhere a bit more mysterious.

Rotorua Aquatic Centre

You can enjoy an indoor or outdoor swim at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre. It has spa pools, a deep indoor pool and an open outdoor pool.
There is also a picnic and barbecue area for sunny days, so you can enjoy a picnic with your friends and classmates. For more information see http://www.rdc-aquatic.co.nz/

Skyline Skyrides

By far the most popular activity for young and old doing the English with Activiteis programme.You will see some of the most beautiful views in Rotorua. Take a gondola ride up Mount Ngongotaha and see for yourself the beauty of our city.Then take a ride on the famous luge which was proudly designed and built in Rotorua. The luge is a fun filled gravity cart, built on three wheels. You will absolutely love it! Afterwards you can return to the top of the luge track on a specially built chairlift. For more information check out http://www.skyline.co.nz/rotorua/


The Schweeb involves stepping into a clear capsule with a set of pedals at your feet.Imagine riding a bike upside down and then you can begin to imagine how it is going to be riding the schweeb.This is a great experience, certainly something you don’t do every day! For more information have a look at http://shweeb.co.nz/

Jetboat to Mokoia Island

Unearth the rich beauty and history of Mokoia Island, alongside the adrenaline of 30 minutes in a V8 powered jet boat. A short guided tour of Mokoia Island lets you discover an abundant wildlife sanctuary steeped in Māori culture. The perfect combination of thrill and culture. https://www.katoalakerotorua.co.nz/

Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is well-known as New Zealand’s most colourful and diverse geothermal area.It has a huge range of unique geothermal activity, such as huge volcanic craters, cascading limestone terraces and much more. The landscape at this attraction is like no other!http://www.waiotapu.co.nz/

Te Puia

Come and experience Maori culture at its best! While visiting Te Puia, you will experience a traditional Maori concert, and learn about Maori culture and crafts.They have a carving school, you will see pupils and teachers carving various pieces. You will also see plenty of boiling mud pools and the infamous Pohutu Geyser. They have a waka (traditional Maori canoe) and you can take a nature walk through the thermal reserve and see a real live kiwi in the newly built Kiwihouse. http://www.tepuia.com/

10 Pin Bowling

Challenge our classmates to a game of 10-pin bowling. https:/https://www.motionentertainment.co.nz/have-fun/tenpin-bowling/

The Climbing Wall

Take your fitness to new heights!! Come down to the climbing wall and experience rock climbing indoors. This is a great activity and an amazing experience for those who haven’t done anything like this before. http://www.basementcinema.co.nz/the-wall.html


This is a great activity for thrill seekers! You are inside the ZORB with a bucket of water, and then you roll 250 metres downhill. It is a cross between a waterfall and a roller coaster! https://zorb.com/

Paradise Valley Springs

Here is your chance to go on a lovely walk around a picturesque nature park, you will see native animals and fish including kune kune pigs, wallabies, wild sheep, opossums, kea, fallow deer, trout and some of New Zealand’s nature at its best! They also have lions at Paradise Valley Springs and you can watch them at feeding time. http://www.paradisev.co.nz/

Freefall Xtreme

This is your unique opportunity to experience what it is like to fly, without having to jump out of a plane. The Freefall Extreme is the only freefall skydive simulator in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ll be lifted up 5 meters into the air on a 150kph column of wind. A safe landing is ensured as there is a 2 meter soft cushion for you to land on. https://velocityvalley.co.nz/adventure-activity-rides/freefall-xtreme/

Barbecue At The Lakes

While the weather is good in Rotorua, we love to go and have a relaxing barbecue by the beautiful Blue Lake, or Lake Okareka. It is always a great opportunity to practise your English speaking with students from other countries and have lots of fun!

High Ropes Course

This is a fantastic activity!!The High Ropes course is a series of challenges set 10 metres off the ground designed to test participants as well as create a sense of team building and co-operation within the group.

Mountain Biking

Rotorua has some beautiful forests, and mountain biking has become incredibly popular over the years. There are a lot of different tracks for both beginner and advanced riders.

Duck Tours

Take a ride on this amphibious vessel. It is a good opportunity to show everyone around Rotorua and the surrounding lakes area.

This vessel goes on both the road and in the lakes. What a great trip!http://www.rotoruaducktours.co.nz/

Indoor Karting

Put on your helmets and hang on tight! This is a fun experience which most of our younger students think is the favourite! You will be racing around the car track in small motorised karts. It is an indoor activity so it doesn’t matter if it rains! http://www.driftkartz.co.nz/

Waikite Hot Springs

If you enjoy swimming, you will love this activity. Waikite Hot Springs has six outdoor hot pools. One is larger, the other smaller pools are a slightly higher temperature. The pools are all covered and there is a lovely relaxing cafe there. You may like to have a hot or cold drink and relax after your swim. http://www.hotpools.co.nz/

Polynesian Spa

Another of Rotorua’s famous hot pools is called Polynesian Spa. We have a pool for younger students which has a fun slide and relaxing spa beside it, or other pools which are different temperatures, these are marvelous for our more mature students to relax in and enjoy. http://www.polynesianspa.co.nz/

National Kiwi Hatchery

This is your chance to see a Kiwi up close! See where they breed kiwis and people are taken on a tour of the premises. It is probably the closest you will ever get to a kiwi, an amazing activity – and a breath taking experience! https://www.rainbowsprings.co.nz/national-kiwi-hatchery-tour/

Garden Tour

Take a look at some of the beautiful gardens which are in Rotorua. At different times of the year, there are lots of lovely flowers blooming and trees blossoming. If you are interested in nature and beautiful flowers, then this is a great activity for you to take part in.


On a nice sunny day in Rotorua, it is lovely to be out kayaking on Lake Rotorua. This is a fun activity which is very safe, you are provided with life jackets and the area we kayak in isn’t too deep. There are also peddle boats available.