Study for the IELTS in New Zealand

Students at RELA can prepare for the IELTS test in our afternoon exam training class. Most students combine this with our General English course in the morning.

IELTS is very important for anyone who wants to study at an English language speaking university.  The qualification is recognised by more than 6,000 institutions worldwide.  There are tests of your speaking, writing, listening and reading. For more information click here

At RELA, our IELTS preparation class runs all through the year, so you can join it at any time.  Your teachers have a very good understanding of the requirements of the test, and will help you develop your language skills in the most important areas.   Our IELTS classes are usually quite small (with a maximum of 16 students) and you will be in a very focused class.

RELA offers IELTS exam training to students at Upper Intermediate to Advanced level. Entry to class depends on a student’s current level of English. After a student enrols at RELA, he/she will take a test and be placed in the appropriate classes.

The full time programme (23 hours per week) is:
Mornings: Monday-Friday 8.30-12 – a language development class at your level, teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation
Afternoons: Monday-Thursday 1-3 – an IELTS preparation class designed to teach you exam taking strategies and familiarise you with all aspects of the exam

A part-time programme would be IELTS training only, in the afternoons (8 hours a week) if your level is high enough to enter one of those classes; or a language development class in the mornings (15 hours) if your current English level is not yet high enough to do the IELTS training.

The reason for IELTS only being taught in the afternoons is that it is not a teaching programme. It is an exam training programme. By combining IELTS in the afternoon with a morning General English course teaching language development at a student’s exact level, we expect to see students gain the required IELTS score more quickly than if they were doing only IELTS training. The morning classes will focus on the language skills needed to help students gain the IELTS score they need, while the afternoons will focus on exam techniques and strategies.

Self Study:

For all exam classes we offer you after school specialised self-study hours at these times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3.30 ~ 5.00

RELA’s self-study tutors are very well trained in supporting exam students. They can give you practice tests, find out what you most need and then support you with targeted study materials. The self-study tutors work closely with the DOS and your exam class teacher to make sure your needs are met.

There is a strong expectation that exam class students make the most of self-study!

Enrol for your IELTS course here and take the first step to university!

“Many thanks to you, your principal and tutoring colleagues. After 5 or 6 attempts to pass the IELTS test, a few weeks of tutoring with you worked for Lisiate! That must validate the effectiveness of your teaching methods with those you teach. Nothing succeeds like success! I guess you see it everyday” John Malcolm – Paediatrician – Whakatane Hospital