General English Course

Students can begin any General English course on Monday in any week, if the course is available that week. The average class size is 8 students. The maximum number of students in a class is 16. The school is open all year, except for Public Holidays.

If you would like to start your course at the beginning of a 6 week teaching cycle (after testing), or if you have any concerns about the best time to start your course, please email us.

Before arrival at Rotorua English Language Academy, students will be sent an online assessment test to find their level of English.

All students receive either a leaving report or a leaving certificate on completion of their programme.

General English Course

Mornings – 3 hours each morning (15 hours per week)

Our General English course will help you improve your English as quickly as possible, whether you need English for your work or for your personal use. You will be in a multi-national class with other students of the same level, using the most modern course books and materials, such as the latest versions of Empower, Global, Face to Face and English File. All our regular teachers have the University of Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL, and bring a wide range of teaching experience to their classes. We emphasise the importance of helping students to communicate fluently and confidently in English, and will work with you to improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The course allows you either to study just General English, or to combine this with other specialised courses in the afternoon.

Afternoons – 2 hours each afternoon (Monday – Thursday)

The integrated skills afternoon programme is designed to develop all four major skills – reading and writing, listening and speaking – and the various sub-skills that they involve. We aim to integrate (connect together) these skills so that you achieve the right balance between understanding (receptive skills) and using (productive skills) in real contexts and for real purposes. The tasks you undertake in class will develop your vocabulary in various topic areas, increase your fluency and confidence and provide plenty of opportunities for feedback on your accuracy.

On Friday afternoons, students have the choice of joining the Friday afternoon activity with a RELA staff member, or you can choose to have some free time to pursue your own interests.