Student Comments

Matt Kelley – owner of English Spot Language School in Japan, about one of his students who studied at RELA
Also I finally met Shoya! Thank you!!! He is a new man, really!!! I love to see a change in people after they’ve studied overseas for a long time. He has confidence, makes eye contact when he speaks and his English is good! Thank you, thank you, again and again. 
Dorothea Schacher – Switzerland
New Zealand and especially my time at RELA are such good memories for me! I feel privileged that I had the opportunitiy to stay (study) at your school. As I said already in my goodbye speech : You guys are doing such an incredible great job and each one of you is so different but so necessary for the special atmosphere you are creating at RELA day in and day out. Go on with it, guys !! :)) ….and thank you ! DSC_0546
Huang Ziqian (Kim) – China
RELA is an excellent language academy. The teachers here are excellent too. They know how to make the class active and happy. From talking with the teachers, you could learn a lot of English culture. It helps you to improve the language. RELA, thank you for giving me a wonderful time.
Keisuke Shin – Japan
I couldn’t say thank you to everyone for some reason. So I’d like say it here… Thank you soooo much for everything, all teachers, all staff and all students. I had a really cool school life at RELA. I improved my English a lot at RELA, but also RELA taught me a lot of things about life as well and made me stronger 🙂 My school life was really unforgettable and I’ll never forget all the people that I’ve met at RELA. Love you guys xxx Keisuke Shin-001
Loic Revert – New Caledonia
It has been the greatest experience in my life to study here. Thanks for all you did for me (special classes, supporting me…). I’m going to recommend RELA to any person who wants to learn English and I hope I’ll see you again in the future.
Chloe Botrel – New Caledonia
”RELA is the most amazing place I know. Thank you Chris to take care of all of us. Thank you all the office. Thank you my lovely teachers. I think the only negative point in this school is how it makes me sad to leave it.”
Annie Kurnia – Indonesia
”RELA is a wonderful place to study. I spent my three weeks at RELA studying English. I wanted to improve my English and I am happy because I made a good decision to study at RELA. The teachers are really good and helpful and the students are friendly. Even though we come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Well…3 weeks is not enough..NZ is a beautiful country, and I will share my beautiful moments in NZ with my friends, family, and of course with all my students in Indonesia.”
Yukari Murooka- Japan
”I’ve been to other language schools but RELA is the best. I love how close teachers and students are. I really appreciated when teachers helped me even outside of school.”
Kena Vaysse – Tahiti
”Do not change anything. This is perfect!.”
Aya Nakamura – Japan
”Thank you so much for taking care of me while I stayed in Rotorua. Studying abroad has been my dream since I majored in English literature at university. (oh how many years ago, is it?) My dream came true at RELA…It is very difficult for me to thank you in so few words. I could make many friends there, which means that the atmosphere of RELA is warm and wonderful. I won’t say that this is my last precious memory. I would like to come back to RELA again to have more happy memories with you next year.”
Wu Chi Chong (Mi) – Hong Kong
“Studying in RELA, it seems like study with family. Tutors and staff are so friendly, helpful and considerate. Moreover, it is so exciting to encounter other students from all over the world. I studied English for 8 months and learned how to get along with other students. There was no stress for me to study in one of the best language schools in New Zealand. Now, I’m studying Hospitality Management at the Waiariki Institute of Technology as well as working in Novotel Lakeside Rotorua as a senior food and beverage attendant. I sincerely appreciate RELA and the knowledge that I acquired.”

Tetsuya Ueno – Japan
”I studied at RELA for two months, now, I realise that my English has improved. I owe it to my teachers, every teacher’s lesson was interesting for me. I’m grateful to the staff. Everything I learnt was useful. For me, English is a tool to communicate with many other people. There are some reasons why I chose RELA. One of the biggest reasons is the reputation from graduated students. They said RELA is a good school. Now, I know my choice was right. I can recommend others to RELA. My memory of RELA is very precious. I will never forget my good experiences at RELA.”

Abdullah Alhudaib – Saudi Arabia
It is so difficult for me to speak about my time at RELA in a few words. Before I came I was worried about my ability to adapt to everything (school, homestay, people…) Because it was the first time for me to study abroad and living with a family. But, when I arrived, everything in my mind changed. Firstly, with a wonderful reception from both RELA and homestay family. I could read on the face of everyone at Rotorua “welcome to Rotorua, enjoy your stay” .
The family atmosphere inside RELA is amazing. Simply “this is the difference between RELA and other academies.”

Pierre Allabatre – New Caledonia
I was very happy to see everyone again. It’s always a pleasure to come here. Every body is happy to meet other students. They are very nice with me. I always keep many good memories about my trips in Rotorua.
Arthur and Claudia Mello – Brazil
Claudia – “We are very happy especially because my children were very happy to study English and all the teachers were very patient with them. We chose to study at RELA because this is the school that found a course for children and parents. This is a great idea!
Arthur – “My family and I had a wonderful time at RELA. The teachers were very kind, good and we learned a lot. We are sorry to go. We also loved New Zealand. People are friendly and the places are wonderful.”
Olivier Sarrat – New Caledonia
I had a very good time in my RELA homestay, and at the school. I think most of the people who come to RELA are very sad to leave. Thank you for everything!
Tetsuya Takanohashi – Japan

I could learn not only English, but culture hospitality and how to teach students. When I’m looking for a job in Japan, this experience will be an advantage. Thank you so much!

Alexandra Mlodzinski – New Caledonia
I really enjoyed going to RELA. The people are very nice. Since the first day you feel very welcomed into the school.
Martina Kaiser – Switzerland
I will come back to RELA as a part time student if possible. I had the best time of my life at RELA, meeting new people and discovering new cultures etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Yuka Yoshida, Meiho High School Tour Group – Japan
”Thank you so much for taking very good care of our group this year. Your school is very well organised and took great care of our students. Our group leader has visited many English speaking countries and a lot of language schools, but she said your school is the best language school that she has ever visited. All the students in the group loved Rotorua and seemed to have a very good time. We are grateful for all your hard work which made it possible for our group to stay comfortably in Rotorua.”
Sun Chang Choi – Korea
I studied English at RELA for almost a year. When I first came to RELA I was really nervous because I couldn’t speak English at all and I was alone. The teachers were really kind and I could meet lot of International friends. When I had some difficulties I could talk with my friends and teachers in RELA and they helped me. It was a turning point in my life.
Hyun Ju – Korea. June
“I had a precious time with teachers, staff and my friends of RELA. Especially, the time I’ve had with my IELTS class, I cannot forget it. I’ve learned a lot of not only English, but also knowledge. I am sad to leave you. The time I have spent at RELA studying and enjoying my life is really precious for me. I was very happy to be here with wonderful people. I can’t promise when I can come back again, but I will come back one day.”
Mallaury Solal – New Caledonia
It’s a very good school. I love RELA, the teachers, the school, the shopping and the activities are very good.
Jordan – China
“My English has made progress through my three months study at RELA. All the teachers are so patient and friendly. The facilities which are provided by the school give us more convenience. RELA has given me unforgettable memories in my life.”
Ondrej – Czech Republic
“I want to say one more thank you for everything. You helped me very much with my English and now I haven’t a problem speaking English with everybody all around the world.”
Solange Bernut – New Caledonia
RELA is a really nice school, the teachers are very kind, the office staff are nice too. I learnt a lot of things, and I hope to come back here next year. I spent some good times with my Homestay. The children are very nice and kind. We visited a lot of things and I liked all my time with them. I learnt English language because they talked slowly so I understood easily. Thank you to my Homestay family and everyone at RELA!
Tahitoa Chonon – Tahiti
I think RELA is one of the best language schools because my last language school didn’t have the same feeling. RELA is the same as a second family. All of the people can talk together so I think if I can come back, I will do this!
Cindy Lin – Taiwan (Tour Group)
It is really nice to study in RELA, and I must say I learned a lot, and all the teachers here are great. I had a great time getting to know students from all around the world.

Student Website

RELA students often share photos and messages between themselves on facebook. This is an excellent way to see the friendships that have been created at RELA. If you are thinking about enrolling at RELA talk to the students and see what they have to say. If you are an old student of RELA, keep in touch with the friends you made during your stay.