English with Golf (Seniors)

RELA is able to offer packages that include English lessons in the morning and unlimited golf in the afternoons and at weekends at ONE of Rotorua’s premier golf clubs.

Programmes, golf lessons and packages, and accommodation options can be tailored to suit. Please enquire for more information.

Yoshimi Mochida Japan“I chose learning English for my life after retirement. I decided to go to RELA in Rotorua to study English. There are several hot spas in Rotorua, and there is lots of beautiful nature around there too. I often went to play golf after school lessons because in Rotorua there are wide, nice golf clubs! To compare Japan, golf fees are very cheap, because you don’t have to pay an entrance fee, just a member fee (NZ$400 for 3 months). There are several nice golf clubs near Rotorua, though you can also play at any golf club for the special member fee.If you are a golf or English beginner, you can have a golf lesson with a professional golfer or instructor who belongs to each club, from a basic to advanced level. They teach it very kindly and friendly, even though you are a beginner, so you can understand easily what they are saying. I was really able to enjoy my studying abroad and playing golf. Especially, it was really fantastic for me to make a lot of friends through them.”