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High School Preparation

Our General English with High School Preparation is for students planning to go to a New Zealand High School for the first time.

Why do General English with High School Preparation?IMG_6232 happy girls

  1. It will help students to understand and adapt to New Zealand High Schools.
  2. Students will find it easier to cope with the language and customs of a high school.

The Aims of the Programme

We have designed the programme with the following aims in mind

  1. To increase the level of students’ general English, so they are better able to cope with everyday situations both in and out of the classroom.DSCF0913 Andrea
  2. To increase students’ range of basic vocabulary
  3. To introduce students to a variety of everyday school situations
  4. To introduce students to common and useful classroom language
  5. To teach a variety of study skills

Classes are run depending on the needs of the students at the time. In the morning, students join a General English class at the appropriate level. It is very important that students get this experience in the General English classes. These classes give students a sound base on which to build their English. They not only learn grammar, but also do a lot of speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is also in these General English classes, that students learn a lot about New Zealand life and customs. As well, students have the chance to build friendships with people from all around the world.

In the afternoons if there are enough students who have not already started at High School in New Zealand, then students may study High School Preparation. In these classes, they may learn vocabulary associated with a number of different subjects studied at high school. Students will be taught about life at high schools, some of the rules they will encounter and how to mix and make friends more easily. We also have ex-students come in to talk about their experiences and to answer any questions. If appropriate, we can visit a local high school. The programme is able to meet the needs of the students who are taking it, and requests for other topics can be considered as well.

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