TOEIC Preparation

Students at RELA can prepare for the TOEIC test as an afternoon option.

Students combine this with our General English course in the morning. For more information on the TOEIC test click here

RELA’s afternoon TOEIC exam training option is designed for students at Intermediate to Advanced levels. In some cases, a student at a strong pre intermediate level may be permitted entry to the class. This will be assessed on a case by case basis by the director of studies and class teacher. With a maximum class size of 14 (and an average class size, for TOEIC, of roughly 3-6), there are ample opportunities for individual extension or support as appropriate.

We offer training for either or both listening/reading and speaking/writing candidates. We have teachers at RELA who are very expereinced at teaching TOEIC.

TOEIC students have said the class is useful because:

  • it extends your business vocabulary
  • it helps you speak and write well for the workplace
  • it helps you read texts used at work
  • it helps you differentiate between similar words and sounds
  • it helps you understand newspapers
  • it teaches you good test-taking techniques
  • a good TOEIC test score is useful when job-hunting

Self Study:

For all exam courses we offer you 6 hours of specialised self-study hours at these times:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 3.15 ~ 4.45

RELA’s self-study tutors are very well trained in supporting exam students. They can give you practice tests, find out what you most need and then support you with targeted study materials. The self-study tutors work closely with the DOS and your exam class teacher to make sure your needs are met.

There is a strong expectation that exam class students make the most of self-study!

Note: There is a TOEIC examination centre in Auckland and Hamilton. We can arrange for you to take the exam wherever you wish. Many students take the RELA TOEIC preparation class just to improve their grammar, business vocabulary and reading, writing and listening ability, rather than because they want to take the examination.

Click here to enrol.