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A Quality English Language School

At RELA,  you can be assured of getting quality in all aspects of the teaching, activities and homestay. We are regularly audited and belong to associations which permit only the highest quality schools.

RELA has the following 4 points of Quality Difference

1. Quality English (QE)

This is a group of carefully chosen English schools from around the world. QE schools are selected for their quality of teaching, service and reputation. RELA is proud to be one of only four New Zealand schools who are members of Quality English, which monitors the quality of all its schools regularly through student feedback, agent references, and school visits.


ENGLISH NEW ZEALAND is a group of top quality language schools. 27 of New Zealand’s top schools are members.
RELA has been a member since 1996

3. Registered with NZQA

  • Registered as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.
  • RELA has achieved the highest level of confidence from NZQA. NZQA is responsible for assessing all Private Training Establishments in New Zeaalnd. NZQA is highly confident in its capacity for self-assessment.

4. Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students

  • Since March 2003, all New Zealand institutions enrolling International Students must be signatories to the Code of Practice. The Code provides a framework for the pastoral care of international students and is the minimum level of Quality that you should accept in a school.